Little Stars School Project

The Little Stars School serves the street children of Banaras. It is free.

It was founded by Asha Pandey in 1996 when she invited some street children, too poor even to go to government schools, up to her roof. There, a single teacher for 18 children -- the parents of some had to be persuaded, even paid (the small sum the child would have begged) to let them come -- she began to teach them reading and writing, math, music, and hygiene, good speech, manners, how to mend and keep their clothes clean. She also served them what was usually the only meal of their day.

In four years, the school expanded from her roof into her home, and then, fortunately, enough funds were donated to begin building The Little Stars a school of their own. The first floor of this half finished building is now occupied by 165 students and 8 teachers.

The teachers, often themselves outcasts, are single, unmarried, widowed or divorced women who are often the sole support of elderly parents or young children. With additional funding, Asha hopes to be able to increase their very small wages from about $15 to at least $50.00 a month.

The street children of Banaras are desparately in need of your help. Even the smallest contributions are of great value.

$10 sponsors a child for a month

$50 pays one teacher's salary for a month

$100 pays for a medical helper and medicines for a month

$150 provides a month's worth of materials for self-help and crafts classes

$150 also pays for clothes, prizes, rickshaw drivers, and occasional financial help for the children for a month

$200 will provide the cook's wages and the lunches for all 165 children for a month

$400 pays all eight teachers a salary of $50 for one month

$1,000 will cover the whole school budget for a month

Multiply by 12 if you can afford to sponsor any of the above needs for a year.

And, if you can afford a larger contribution:

$10,000 would complete the first school building

$12,000 is the budget to run the Little Stars School for a whole year

$28,000 would provide for an already needed second building

Please indicate which area you wish your contribution to be used in.

There are also plans to build an orphanage

All of your contributions are fully tax deductible, 100% of the funds go directly to the Little Stars School for its budget, its building fund, or the planned orphanage.

The Little Stars School is registered in India as "Rishi Pragatisheel Siksha Sansthan," a nonprofit educational organization.

Contributions can be mailed directly to the school, c/o Asha Pandey. Rishi Pragatisheel Siksha Sansthan (Little Stars School) B. 1/111 Assi Banaras, India Tel: 011-91-542-314226.

Or, in the U.S.A., funds can be sent through the Sonoma Yoga Center, (co-sponsor for the Little Stars School) P.O. Box 950, Sonoma, CA 95476

For more information in the USA call: Tel:707-996-8915 Fax: (707) 996-0388 or email: For more information in India call: Tel: 011-91-542-314226.


The Little Stars School Project

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